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Cricket is a writer and artist living in New York City. After studying Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism at Oberlin College, she followed her inner-goth and became a licensed taxidermist. She has headed prop design for off-broadway productions, and currently writes about feminism, media, and culture for BUST magazine. Stay tuned for her health and wellness blog and podcast, launching in 2019. 



BUST Magazine, Editorial Intern

December 2017 - Present

As a contributing writer for BUST magazine I review movies, television, art, and music, promote products, interview artists, report on current events, and sometimes write feminist op-eds. I also put together their newsletter, the BUSTLINE, and help with their annual arts&crafts fairs. You can find my writing both online at their website and in their forthcoming April/May print issue. 

LaMaMa Theater Company, Prop Designer

September 2017 - November 2017

I sourced, designed, and fabricated 72 props without assistance for the revival of Charles Ludlam's absurdist play, Conquest Of The Universe, Or When Queens Collide. A two-hour long drag performance at it's heart, the play required a lot of pizzaz on a minuscule budget, and demanded a high-level of creativity and ingenuity to make it work. I fabricated many unique props, including removable male genitals, a trick pie, a glowing 5-ft rocket ship, and a 10ft long floating banquet table, replete with a cornucopia of fake food. 

Sunglasses after dark, Costume & prop Designer

June 2017 - September 2017

As part of an all-female production team, I designed the costumes and props for the small, off-off-broadway play, The Yippie Project. With no prior experience in theatre, I did research on the yippie and hippie movement of the 1960s and 70s, sourcing and fabricating period-appropriate clothing and furniture, in the end producing a time-capsule from a unique moment in history for the audience to enjoy.  

The Textile Arts Center,  Education Assistant

May 2017 - August 2017

As an education assistant for the Textile Arts Center after school program and summer camp in Manhattan, I helped develop children's motor and social skills, educating them about personal space and consent, and teaching them about fiber arts. I assisted the camp director and the head teacher with overseeing children ages five to ten, and provided hands-on learning for activities ranging from bundle-dying, silk painting, loom weaving, sewing, to screen printing. At the start of each new class, I ran a short lesson reminding children about boundaries and communication between themselves and their teachers. 

Pocono Institute Of Taxidermy, Taxidermy Apprentice

September 2015-January 2016

During my apprenticeship with Bill Allen at the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy, I learned how to preserve animals for public and private display. I graduated from his program with a certificate in large and small mammalian preservation, and with a varied body of work that I sold privately. 

Kate Clark Studios, Studio Manager

June 2015-September 2015

As the summer studio manager for taxidermy and sculptural artists Kate Clark, I acted as the liaison between the artist, her clients, and the media. While there, I helped promote her forthcoming video on national geographic, and responded to press inquiries, managed her website, social media, and print sales, additionally helping to photograph her two-dimensional work. 

Acme Press, Assistant Editor

June-August 2012-2015

Throughout summers in college, I worked as an administrative and editorial assistant for the small publishing company, Acme Press. There, I proofread and fact-checked manuscripts, such as Reversing Cancer, while also aiding in administrative tasks, such as sorting and sending mail, and managing their email correspondence and newsletters. 





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